Our Approach

Active Communication adopts a facilitative approach to business consulting. Through active facilitation, our aim is to unleash the power of dialogue and the creativity of your people.  Through open conversation we work through the topical areas where the organisation needs answers and solutions - change management, strategic planning and direction, leadership, team work and problem solving. We  provide interactive facilitation processes using a structured Consensus Workshop method - from brainstorming to agreeing on ideas, to finally committing to agreed action plans.  These consensus-based discussions and team coaching approach produce results that businesses can feel, see and measure. Active facilitation enables people to create and participate in the changes that affect them - in their own lives, in their groups, teams, and across their organisations.


Active facilitation focuses on your context and localizes the needs to ensure inclusion and exploration for multi-national and local organisations alike, who may need to enhance Asian connections for greater business impact.   We engage participants in ways that lead to genuine commitment. When people contribute their own ideas to consulting matters, they make a commitment to solutions in ways they do not when ideas are just handed to them. The emphasis is on realistic plans that ensure the strategies, plans and decisions are implemented.



Benefits of Our Active Facilitation

  • Safe-conversations to ensure that everyone stays on track, understand the objectives of each session and everyone is heard
  • Event leader/key stakeholder to support, reflect, reposition, observe, recuperate without any loss of momentum
  • Neutral independent third party not embroiled in any history, emotion or politics who can make real gains in pulling parties together and aligning them around a purposeful decision
  • Constructive challenges or direct feedback where it’s necessary to move forward
  • ‘Active observing’ skills to ensure that what happens in the room is constructive and safe
  • Manages the Time against Objectives for the event
  • Bring ‘fun’ as we don’t feel the pressure that participants may feel and can (when appropriate) inject a sense of fun - essential for creativity, innovation and on-going engagement


Where this Approach is Useful

Self-Awareness – Teamwelding – Organisation Objectives


  • Strategic Planning and setting direction
  • Problem Solving, Championing Change
  • Innovation and consensus conservations
  • Business and operational planning
  • Action Planning and SMART Goal clarity
  • Working through problem situations
  • Making difficult decisions and SWOT analysis
  • Critical meetings and business communication networks
  • Large events like regional meetings